Women of LolaLiza Cécile Maichak Women of LolaLiza Cécile Maichak

Cécile is a staunch believer in the strenght and power of women, both in a professional sense and a personal one. As a personal coach and author of Vrouwen onthullen hun eigen dromen ('Women will dream their own dreams'), she aims to motivate women to harness that power.

Women of LolaLiza Cécile Maichak Women of LolaLiza Cécile Maichak

Where does that passion for female strength and power come from?

'We simply have to claim our rightful place in society. It's what the world needs and it's something we can do ourselves. I don't like hearing the word "empowered" when people talk about women; this power lies within us all and does not have to come from someone else.'

Does coaching help women regain that power?

'Asolutely. It's so important to free women from the overriding convictions, criticisms, prejudices and expectations that they have heard for years. They're so restrictive. We still have a long way to go!'

Where do you start?

'The first thing I try to do is get them out of their comfort zones. Only then can you truly start learning and developing. For my book I met with twelve women who work in so-called "male" professions or sectors dominated by men. That was a real eye-opener.'

Can't all jobs these days be performed by both men and women?

'That's what they say, but in practice there are still lots of professions that are not easily accessible to women. This needs to change.'

Any idea how we can change this?

'More solidarity between men and women! Changing the world together, wouldn't that be nice?'

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