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We are happy to present you these

17 beautiful women

from France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands that have been selected to become our Brand Ambassadors for this year.

These women love creating content and sharing their passion for fashion. If you want to keep up with them, you should definitely check them out!

Of course we also see you as an ambassador and that deserves a reward! Each month we give away 4 gift cards to one of you! Do you want to become our next winner? Then simply share a picture of your favorite LolaLiza look on instagram with @lolalizafashion & #lolalizatogether

LolaLiza club
LolaLiza club tatjana fransen

Tatjana Fransen


27 years - Advertising employee at Kruidvat Belgium - Melsele, Belgium

I love LolaLiza because of their motto, empowered women empower women and the fact that this also translates into the collections, where women can be themselves and radiate power!

LolaLiza club kim de jonghe

Kim De Jonghe


25 years - Teacher - Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium

I love LolaLiza because they have stylish and affordable items. LolaLiza keeps up with the latest fashion trends & often have new collections. Collections for both young & older people.

LolaLiza club alexine coignart

Alexine Coignart


22 years - Digital marketeer - Lille, France

I’m a big fan of the brand for several years, especially for its beautiful dresses. It is an honor to be part of the ambassadors to reflect the values of the brand, common to mine.

LolaLiza club flora kutu malaka

Flora Kutu Malaka


27 years - Content Creator - Strasbourg, France

What I like about Lolaliza is that everyone can dress up, whether you are round - thin - with shapes or not. I am happy to be an ambassador of the brand and to bring my personality and my way of dressing to the brand and to share this experience with my community.

LolaLiza club coralie deplanques

Coralie Deplanques


30 years - Commercial - Nantes, France

I love the colorful and floral collections that the brand offers. It’s fresh and represents me really well!

LolaLiza club alexa innuso

Alexa Innuso


25 years - Master student at HEC - Liège, Belgium

What I like most about Lolaliza are the marketing and digital strategies put in place to promote their new collections, also their creative and colorful photoshoots. Becoming an ambassador for such a sparkling brand with so many beautiful values makes me super happy, I am very proud to be part of the LolaLiza family.

LolaLiza club Nele verheyden

Nele verheyden


27 years - Creative occupational therapist in special education - Sint-truiden, Belgium

LolaLiza fashion gives me a feel good vibe. Cheerful tones, great fits, blissful fabrics,…. I think it’s super important to feel good in what you wear. You show your personality and a good outfit can really make you shine even more. So I’m totally radiant at the thought of being a LolaLiza ambassador.

LolaLiza club Yasmina Dakhia

Yasmina Dakhia


31 years - Accountant - Arlon, Luxembourg

I love LolaLiza because of the colours that are used in the clothes! It's always colourful and lively! Being an ambassador is an opportunity for me, because representing a brand for several months is a great experience. I also love that I get to meet the other ambassadors and get to know them!

LolaLiza club Jana Raveydts

Jana Raveydts


26 years - Child carer in a day care center - Aalst, Belgium

I like LolaLiza so much because they have something fun for every fashionista in their collections. They are innovative and go along with the latest trends. You always see a complete outfit so this certainly does not cause selection stress. You immediately have a preview of the entire outfit (with for example a jacket or matching accessories). It totally matches with my taste, because it completely fits my colorful style. That is why I am proud to be the ambassador of LolaLiza. This way I get to discover new styles of clothing. As a LolaLiza ambassador I have the opportunity to experiment with my style and I am completely open for it.

LolaLiza club Kirsten Hildering

Kirsten Hildering


36 years - Content creator - Ede, The Netherlands

Lolaliza has a unique collection of dresses, one that everyone wants to know: where did you get this dress! I love to make this brand more known in the Netherlands! I have been given the opportunity to try something different and I am totally up for it!

LolaLiza club Géraldine Matz

Géraldine Matz


28 years - Social Media Officer @ SNCB - Brussel, Belgium

I feel honored to be part of the LolaLiza’s team of Ambassadors. I love fashion. I love playing with the last trends to put my outfit together every morning. And on top of it, it’s a Belgian brand. What’s not to love ?

LolaLiza club Claudia Kooij

Claudia Kooij


44 years - Content creator, photographer and writer of beauty columns - Assendelft, The Netherlands

I love being an ambassador for this beautiful brand. I love their clothes and especially the beautiful dresses. The brand really radiates positives energy!

LolaLiza club Helena Vanleeuw

Helena Vanleeuw


29 years - Social Media Manager & Influencer marketeer - Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Lolaliza's collection is always hugely happy & cheerful, as I am myself. The fashion items are often just with a twist and yet very accessible! I am mainly a fan of the 'it-items' and unique pieces (e.g. like the collabs, with An Lemmens,...). But also of the wide choice of dresses, which can serve for any occasion. That's why I'm thrilled to be able to call myself a Lolaliza ambassador: who wouldn't want the latest must-haves in their closet, with that lovely, colourful Lolaliza twist? So: dress to impress? A big yes!

LolaLiza club Raphaella Deuringer

Raphaella Deuringer


22 years - Influencer - Waterloo, Belgium

I love LolaLiza because it's a brand that can be worn by both young and old, and because it makes no distinction in sizes and everyone is welcome!

LolaLiza club Marine Eloy

Marine Eloy


27 years - Interior designer and plus size Blogger & Modele - Messancy, Luxembourg

I love working with LolaLiza because it’s a really fun and creative collaboration with a young, colorful and playful brand.

LolaLiza club Aika Kibonge Samba

Aika Kibonge Samba


25 years - Psychology assistant and content creator - Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium

I'm very happy to be the ambassador of Lolaliza, because apart from being a Belgian brand, the clothes are suitable for all types of women and are of good quality with beautiful colours and prints, but above all at affordable prices! I can't wait to express my personality in my look with Lolaliza outfits and share them on my networks.