Fashion school

LolaLiza supports young fashion talent in our first-ever designer competition

LolaLiza opens the doors of its LolaLiza Fashion School for the very first time! The purpose is to look for young talent in the designer world.

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Who will be our new designer?

As a Belgian retailer with in-house designers and expertise in creation, we find it important to keep an eye on new talent and offer them a platform. The LolaLiza Fashion School is a competition open to anyone with ambition in the world of fashion.

After a first selection based on their portfolio, 10 candidates get the assignment to design three different dresses that fit the LolaLiza DNA. The three participants who were able to convince us the most see their dresses actually go into production and sale.

LolaLiza Fashion School

Get a taste of the atmosphere at our fashion school or find some inspiration to get started? Want to learn and see what it's like in a real fashion company? Find out how things work at our fashion school here. Does it already start to tickle your fancy?

Our jury

In the search for the best designers, LolaLiza is assisted by a five-member jury full of sound names from the world of fashion; Elodie Doret, Catherine Kosters, Emilie Vandepoel, Cathy Pill, Myra Nurski and Ann Claes will judge all designs. Not a bad bunch, right? Get to know them one by one.

Meet the jury
Jury: fashion school
LolaLiza Fashion School 2023 begins… now!

LolaLiza Fashion School starts… now!

Our 10 participants have been selected! From a lot of tough entries and impressive portfolios, our jury selected 10 candidates.

As of November 15th, the real work begins. Then the participants will get to know the backstage of LolaLiza and get acquainted with our stylists and designers before getting to work themselves.


▼ What do I need to prepare?

Send us your CV, a cover letter with the following information: what do you know about the LolaLiza brand, our client in a few words, who are you, ...), a creative and inspiring portfolio (sketch, inspiration photo, photo of a finished design, ...).

▼ Until when can I participate?

You can send us your portfolio until 19/10/2022.

▼ Can I send my portfolio directly to LolaLiza's head office?

No, only to the email address:

▼ Can I send my portfolio digitally (e.g. iPhone photos)?

Yes, you can.

▼ Do you share all portfolios with the jury?

Yes, the jury will review all portfolios and select 10 participants for the Fashion School.

▼ Can I remain anonymous?

No, that is not possible.

▼ Which dates should I book?

Some important dates to note in your agenda:

  • 19/10 : submission of the portfolio
  • 15/11 and 16/11 : Fashion School with the 10 participants
  • 8/12 : selection of the 3 winners
  • May: launch of the collection + fashion show
  • ▼ What are the selection criteria ?

    You must be a student at a fashion school, in daytime or evening school. No matter which academic year.

    ▼ What happens to the winning dresses?

    Three winners will get the chance to design one dress for the 2023 collection together with LolaLiza. You will receive a creation fee and one percent of the proceeds. The three winners will receive €3000 creation fee and 5% of the sale of their design. Candidates that are not retained will receive a creation fee of €500 and a LolaLiza voucher of €200.

    ▼ When will I know if I am selected?

    We will announce the 10 selected participants during the last week of Octobre. The 3 winners will be announced on 8/12/2022.

    ▼ How can I be sure that LolaLiza will reach me?

    You will be contacted on the email address you used to participate.

    ▼ What can be won?

    The 3 chosen winners will receive a creation fee of € 3000 and 5% commission on the sale of their dress.
    The 7 remaining candidates will receive a creation fee of €500 and a voucher of LolaLiza worth €200.
    More info here