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COLLECTION - June 17, 2020
Your dress,
Will you opt for pastels, animal prints or pleats? Discover the latest trends regarding summer dresses on the blog.
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STYLING - June 5, 2020
2 trends and
These two trends make our hearts beat faster. We give you the inspiration you need to combine these trends and wear them in your daily life.
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ADVICES - June 3, 2020
All dressed up
Now that the measures have been eased a bit, we can finally fill our agendas with other activities. Admittedly, walking the dog or going jogging in the woods is nice, but after the last 2 months we long for something else.
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ABOUT US - May 22, 2020
7 facts about LolaLiza
Or refresh your memory if you already knew these facts (super fashionista ;) ) A big company can seem mysterious, but transparency is key. (Re)Discover LolaLiza and definitely stay with us to the end as there is a contest for you to discover!
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ADVICES - May 21, 2020
My future
After spending a few months in lockdown, our social life seems to quietly get back on track. Finally we are be able to see our colleagues again and meet up with friends and family. A lot of people have spent the last few weeks in sweatpants and other chill outfits, which is completely understandable.
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ADVICES - May 13, 2020
Getting back on track in
From getting ready for our kitchen and livingroom to getting our life back on the rails.
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ABOUT YOU - May 11, 2020
After exactly 55 days in lockdown, we can finally tell you that our stores are opening up again!
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STYLING - April 30, 2020
Dress it up,
Dresses exist in a variety colours and sizes but how do you style them?
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STYLING - April 21, 2020
Cheers to
Summer is right around the corner! It’s time we get ready for it. In quarantine or not - this is going to be a summer to remember!
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STYLING - April 10, 2020
How to be springproof the day
We have gone a long way and we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. After too many weeks in quarantine we're - just like a little dog ready to go for a walk - jumping to pick up our good old habits again. Going out for dinner, going out for a drink, going to the movies and all that with our loved ones... It all seems like a far-fetched dream. The world we used to live in seems like a vague memory right now, a utopia as it were, but nothing is less true. This ideal world we've been longing for is not as far away as it seems. Soon we will be able to rediscover it all again.
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STYLING - April 3, 2020
At LolaLiza we are known for our (unique) prints. It’s part of our DNA, if you will. These prints are at the center of our collection. In this blogpost you’ll discover the five most exciting and trendy prints of this moment!
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STYLING - March 25, 2020
Cosy at home with our
"They won't see my pajama bottoms in that Skype call anyway." It's a thought that has all crossed our minds at least once. In times of Corona, this thought is multiplied fivefold and we tend to spend whole days in the same sweatpants.
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ADVICES - March 18, 2020
Swing into
You can tell by the days that are getting longer, the birds that are chirping to greet you, the nature that is coming back to life, ... spring is approaching! As a person who’s less able to withstand the heat, spring is my favourite season!
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COLLECTION - March 13, 2020
Flowers are
Will flower prints ever go out of style? Answer: No way! But if you’re going to wear floral, spring is the time to do it! Nothing describes spring as good as blossoming flowers and of course that includes a matching wardrobe. From soft to vivacious; there are so many beautiful floral prints out there right now and you can find flowers in just about every garment. But no matter what type of dress or blouse you go for, the magic of the must-have floral print always works.
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ADVICES - February 28, 2020
Find Your Perfect Denim fit
There's a reason why jeans remain a fashion staple: the right pair will make anyone look and feel long, lean and ready for the world. When you look great, you feel great—and the key is dressing for your unique body frame. This guide will show you the best ways to highlight your body type by choosing the right jeans. But first things first…What’s your body type?
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ABOUT YOU - February 13, 2020
Love is
Love is ... being there for each other in good times and bad times. At least that’s what we’re told. The definition of long-term love varies from couple to couple and what works for one couple doesn’t necessarily work for another couple. We met three couples in our studio in Wavre. All three are expected for a love photoshoot followed by some love talk. We are eager to learn what it is that makes their couple so strong.
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STYLING - February 6, 2020
Flower power &
While the grey and dark winter days are almost behind us/over, spring is finally bringing some color back in our lives. The days are getting longer, trees are getting green again and flowers are starting to bloom. This wonderful color palette not only in nature, but also in the new spring collection. Pink, green, classy black … there’s something for everyone.
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ADVICES - February 3, 2020
Love is in
Whether you are happy single, happy in a relationship or still looking for your other half, it’s almost that time of the year again: Valentine's Day! Around 14 February we are overwhelmed with hearts everywhere but let’s be honest: who doesn't like that? ;-)
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STYLING - January 31, 2020
Could spring finally be in the air? Whether temperatures will finally begin to rise, or not, it turns out pastel shades will be loved just as much as always. Who even said that pastels make you look “too sweet” or even crazier, “wash you out”?
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COLLECTION - January 24, 2020
Every season has a new color palette, but some neutrals such as beige, camel, and black are classics year in and year out. These traditional go-to hues are now joined by our beloved animal prints. Yes, the rumors are true ladies, the safari look is back in town. Animal prints have been a mainstay on runways.
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STYLING - January 17, 2020
OH MY 80S!
The eighties were defined by some pretty audacious trends. Like it or not, the extravagant “more is more” era in fashion is back in a big way. But don’t worry, this new-season resurrection is so much more wearable than you might imagine. Therefore, choose one 80s element that resonates with your personal style and build out your outfit around it.
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ADVICES - January 10, 2020
Guest blogger
Some hate it, some love it: Season sales. Personally, during the first sale days, I try to avoid as many shopping streets as I can because those first days are often the busiest in the stores and that is exactly what I hate about shopping.
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STYLING - January 10, 2020
How to style:
The holiday season is over. Our glittering cocktail dress and high heels are nicely stored away again until the next big event, but no worries, January is the perfect time to score new outfits. With this colorful statement dress, you can endlessly combine. These three looks will hopefully give you some inspiration. Happy shopping!
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ADVICES - December 27, 2019
New Year ?
New Year's Eve, you hate it or love it. Yet it is a holiday where everyone wants to look their best. That's why we provide NYE-party looks that will make you want to start the New Year in style in!
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INSPIRATION - December 20, 2019
LolaLiza supports
Every year LolaLiza supports De Warmste Week and Viva for Life. This year a total of 18 722 euro was collected!
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COLLECTION - December 20, 2019
How to style:
Puff sleeves, you're a fan or not, but let's face it: which fashion queen wouldn't think these statement sleeves are a-ma-zing? We love it! Below you'll find a selection of different types: from eye-catching to subtle. All can be found in our collection.
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ADVICES - December 19, 2019
All I want for Christmas is…
The holidays are getting closer and closer. The search for gifts is almost over, but then we have to look for a Christmas outfit. Would you rather have a skirt, dress or jumpsuit? The choice is up to you! LolaLiza will help you make a decision: below you’ll find a list of different Christmas looks and the complete hair and make-up styling. All-in-one, especially for you!
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ADVICES - December 11, 2019
The gift guide:
The holidays, for some the most beautiful time of the year, for others: a complex search for the perfect gifts. Don't worry! We have the ideal gifts to give to your mother, sister, daughter… anyone! This gift guide with different price categories makes your search easier and Christmas merrier!
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COLLECTION - December 5, 2019
An Lemmens x lolaliza
If you haven't heard of our collaboration with An Lemmens, no worries! The collection just recently hit the shelves of selected stores and you can also discover it online. An's collection is all about glitter and glamour for the holidays. The creations can be worn on the dance floor during New Year's Eve, as well as at the dining table at Christmas. We asked An how she felt about being a guest designer and how she likes to spend the holidays.
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STYLING - December 4, 2019
Jessica Goris or Jessie Goris comes from Westmalle and is best known for het TikTok channel, but also has many loyal followers on Instagram and YouTube. She was very excited to do our blindfold challenge. Jessie's blindfold pick was a white soft mohair sweater and she created 3 nice looks with it. Shop her stylings and be sure to watch her video on our YouTube channel.
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COLLECTION - November 22, 2019
The holidays are always accompanied by the question: ‘which outfit am I going to wear this year?’ Our new party collection offers an answer to this question with a whole collection of perfect Christmas, New Year or just festive outfits.
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COLLECTION - November 17, 2019
Checks check all
Black, beige or grey? More subtle or visible? Checks are probably never out of fashion, but are the trend of the moment. Which check suits you best? Below is an overview of our top picks!
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STYLING - November 4, 2019
How to style:
When you say autumn, we say layers! To get you into the fall mood we made a list of on-trend looks with a high level of coziness and style!
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STYLING - October 31, 2019
Dorien is an actress, entrepreneur and big fashion fan. You may recognize her from the TV program; "de buurtpolitie." Dorien participated in our blindfold challenge and created 3 great looks with her blindfold pick; a grey pair of skinny jeans with fun details on the side. Shop her stylings and be sure to watch her video on our YouTube channel.
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ABOUT US - October 18, 2019
Over Belgisch modetalent gesproken …
Two of our in-house designers tell you their stories
Following the first edition of the Week of Belgian Fashion (from 14 till 20 October), we talked to some of our in-house designers: Karin and Maud. Day after day, they create and develop unique, trendy, graceful and / or cool clothing at the LolaLiza HQ. About time for a conversation about the passion for their job and top-notch Belgian fashion!
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COLLECTION - October 10, 2019
Comfy and Cozy
Our new night- and homewear collection provides the ultimate cocooning moments.
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EVENT - October 4, 2019
The LolaLiza days are coming ...
This weekend it’s time to party again with a 20% discount on the entire collection, party snacks and drinks and special activities in loads of our shops!
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STYLING - September 28, 2019
Eva is a fashion and beauty blogger, you can find her on Instagram as allsaintseve. She is also a professional makeup artist and model. You might recognize her from our new back to me collection. Eva participated in our blindfold challenge and created 3 great looks with her blindfold pick; a cool leather jacket. Shop her stylings and be sure to watch her video on our YouTube channel.
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COLLECTION - September 27, 2019
Now the first hectic weeks of the new work and school year are behind us, the time has come to think a bit more about yourself. But in the daily hassle of life, those me-time moments are often scarce… We gladly give you some tips on how to make time for yourself in your day-to-day life.
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STYLING - September 6, 2019
How to style:
It is getting colder outside and that is the perfect excuse to look for the perfect coat! Get inspired by the favorites of our art director.
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STYLING - September 5, 2019
Time to get back
Summer holidays are coming to an end. After all those delicious cocktails and the amazing city trip, it’s time to get back to work. The daily activities are back on the schedule. We don’t always feel like it. But at least you don’t have to worry about your outfit because our stylists prepared some perfect office proof looks for you!
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STYLING - August 30, 2019
Lore Blindfold Challenge
Lore, @louisandvictoria on Instagram, is the mom of two children. Her instagram channel is named after them. She is a real supermom with a passion for fashion. She participated in our blindfold challenge and created 3 great looks with her blindfold pick; a khaki maxi skirt. Shop her stylings and be sure to watch her video on our YouTube channel.
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TIPS - August 29, 2019
The only way
Denim, a fabric that has an important position in everyone's wardrobe. Your favorite jeans, the denim skirt that fits you like a glove or a go-to jeans jacket. We all have our favorite denim items.
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STYLING - August 16, 2019
Florals, florals,
Whoever says that funky floral prints are only meant for spring or summer is completely wrong. This autumn, the flowery patterns are absolutely indispensable in your wardrobe. They come in every shape and colour you can imagine. Need some inspiration how to turn the floral trend into the perfect look? Check it out!
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COLLECTION - August 13, 2019
Our Favourite LolaLiza looks at
Our LolaLiza team was present at the WECANDANCE beach festival in Zeebrugge last weekend. Every year the festival is linked to a theme and a matching dress code, this year WECANDANCE chose the Safari Nomads theme.
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EVENT - August 13, 2019
Celebrating Women
At our Celebrating Women event we handed out 5 awards to real power women who were nominated by our fans! These winners now tell the story behind their nomination. Get inspired by: Sofie, Anneke, Lamia, Christine & Heidi.
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EVENT - August 8, 2019
8x inspiration for the perfect
We Can Dance is a well-known festival for music lovers and fashionista’s! As usual, there is a dress code attached to this festival. This year: Safari Nomads. Our amazing stylists will guide you through this dress code with 8 looks that totally nail the theme.
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TIPS - August 6, 2019
With our new collection you can choose from a flamboyant mix of colours, prints and fabrics. Why match, when you can mix?
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STYLING - July 25, 2019
Laura Blindfold Challenge
Laura is a true musical jack-of-all-trades with a passion for fashion. In addition to composing and singing songs, she loves shopping. She participated in our blindfold challenge and created 3 great looks with her blindfold pick; a colorful sweater with flowers. Shop her stylings and be sure to watch her video on our YouTube channel.
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ADVICES - July 23, 2019
Holiday travel
When we say summer, you say holidays! And when we say holidays, you say… Time to get packed! And that’s not always as easy as it seems. Our vloggers to the rescue! They give you their tips for the perfectly packed suitcase.
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ADVICES - July 12, 2019
Are you wondering which colour suits you best? And which shape of dress? Is it better for you to wear your blouse tucked in or rather let it hang loose? We have an answer to all your style questions!
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TIPS - July 6, 2019
7 tips to get the best deals during
The sales period is in full swing and of course you want to get the best deals possible! Preparation is KEY, definitely when it comes to shopping during the sales. That way you’ll be absolutely unstoppable! These 7 tips will prepare you to tackle this sale in the most efficient way possible.
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STYLING - June 27, 2019
Stellina Blindfold Challenge
Stellina from the instagram page @stellina_helpyourself was really excited to participate in the LolaLiza blindfold challenge! Stellina is a lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel blogger who also has her own lifestyle coaching blog. Her blindfold pick is a bomber jacket in flower print. She created 3 great looks for different occasions using her blindfold pick! Shop her stylings and watch her video on our YouTube channel!
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COLLECTION - June 18, 2019
let's go
Have you always dreamed of designing your own dress? You can now turn your dream into reality with LolaLiza! The LolaLiza Atelier* opens its doors to her future designers on Tuesday 04/06. A first in Belgium! No time to visit one of the participating stores? No problem! You can easily design your dress online. You choose your favorite design, fabric and color, and we take care of the rest.
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OUTFITS - June 11, 2019
Onze vijf favoriete
Will you be the winner of our suitcase action? Then we will send you, your suitcase, beauty case AND plus one to our shoot location! Sun, sea and summery cocktails are eagerly awaiting your arrival… so let’s go! But what do you take with you on holiday besides all the must-haves we already packed for you? Below you will find five essential summer looks for you to shine bright on vacation!
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ATELIER - June 3, 2019
Create your dress
Have you always dreamed of designing your own dress? You can now turn your dream into reality with LolaLiza! The LolaLiza Atelier* opens its doors to her future designers on Tuesday 04/06. A first in Belgium! No time to visit one of the participating stores? No problem! You can easily design your dress online. You choose your favorite design, fabric and color, and we take care of the rest.
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EVENT - May 29, 2019
Tuesday, May 28, was an unforgettable evening for LolaLiza! We celebrated women with our 5 power ladies – Elke, Johanneke, Liesbeth, Hannelore and Kina –, influencers, press and with our fans during our exclusive event. This way we put our latest campaign “Celebrating women” in the spotlight!
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STYLING - May 16, 2019
Charlene from the blog accepted our blindfold challenge! A trendy mom of two who fashionably matched a denim skirt with different blouses and a nice pair of sandals! 3 mom proof looks! Shop her stylings and watch her video on our YouTube channel!
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EVENT - May 8, 2019
Gift Guide for
Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate all moms and to give them a little more attention. But finding a gift, that’s another thing! No worries, because we are happy to help you with that! Is your mom a real fashion queen? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have found the perfect fashionable Mother’s Day present for every “type” of mom. Thanks to our guide you’ll know what to buy for Mother’s Day!
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STYLING - April 30, 2019
Manou Cohen, a Flemish Youtuber, vlogger and vegan from Antwerp, shows us her 3 looks. Shop her stylings here and watch her video below.
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EVENT - April 11, 2019
LolaLiza is impressed by women every single day. Strong mothers, daughters or friends, they each deserve to be honored for the motivation they are. With "Women of LolaLiza", LolaLiza wants to pay tribute to these women and celebrate that they are an inspiration to others.
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EVENT - April 10, 2019
LolaLiza celebrating women
International Women’s Day, a special day for women and of course that had to be celebrated !
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