Caroline Shop manager

When I was hired by LolaLiza, I was the youngest shop manager at the time. I was given training in management, recruiting, advice about style, etc. as well as six weeks of training in three different stores. I learned something from each shop manager and absorbed a whole heap of knowledge.

Everyone has their own way of running their business, which can define how they deal with a positive or negative atmosphere, as the case may be. I have learned that things start mainly with yourself. If you arrive in the morning in a good frame of mind, full of motivation, your team will pick it up from you.

In the meantime, I have been a fully-fledged shop manager for over a year now and I can hire people myself. When it comes to my own team, I will never take on someone who is not enthusiastic about their work. No experience? That’s not a problem for me. But I do need to feel passion, drive, dedication!

Of course, a job interview is very different from working in practice – which is why I always ask people to come and have a trial run for half a day. That way I can see how they deal with people, whether they are friendly and say hello with warmth and make customers feel they are welcome. I also look to see how quickly they work, whether they can put outfits together, if they can see where there is work to be done or whether they quick learners, etc. Because only a busy person belongs in any team I am responsible for and where I want to achieve results.

My team is like a train; we’re always going forward. In the morning the delivery comes in and the items have to be processed, then the displays need attention, someone needs to go to the bank, schedules are drawn up, figures looked at, etc.

“I always have something to do behind the scenes, but at LolaLiza the shop manager also has to be present on the sales floor.”

Sometimes my girls say with a smile: “Did you get that?” and yes, I hear and see everything. I also bear the ultimate responsibility. Which is why I make sure that all of the jobs are equally distributed.

Even when I’m away on holiday, my team have to send me the figures for the day – I need to know how things are going and I make sure that I do. LolaLiza is a real passion for me – and that’s why I dare say that I have two children: my daughter and my shop!