Sarah Designer casual collectie

In 2010 I was designing for the baby division of another clothing chain when an ex-colleague rang. Did I want to design for women? I said an enthusiastic yes, and so I ended up at LolaLiza.

Casual, City, Denim, outerwear, knitwear, etc., you can have a great time as a designer at LolaLiza. You’re not pigeonholed; you regularly get chances to try something new.

Creating a collection always begins with a couple of weeks of research. Then we put our findings together to choose a colour palette and establish themes. With that mood board we set off to the buying managers to see whether what we have in mind is also sellable.

As soon as we are all agreed on the direction of the collection, the sketching begins. For that I have to rely a lot on my intuition. No one here has a crystal ball; we never know for sure what will become a trend, so we have to discuss a great deal. With non-Dutch-speaking colleagues we use French, English, or even gestures if needed, and we understand each other fine!

When I stand at the printer to pick up my pages with the collection, curious colleagues from other departments always come to take a look. If they like it, I know my collection will probably succeed with LolaLiza customers.

“Every time I see someone walking around in a piece I designed, I still get completely euphoric.”

I remember for example a sweater with bear ears, one of my first designs. I saw a girl walking around with it in the metro and I wanted to go up to her right away to say that I had made that. Fortunately I was able to restrain myself, but after all these years I’m still tremendously proud when I see my designs worn in the street!