Hygge and Hanne

‘Hygge’ is the Danisg word for a feeling of cosiness and hominess.
And the fall season is 100% about ‘Hygge’ at LolaLiza.

Hanne Ceulemans is a 22-year-old model & influencer. She inspires her IG followers with tips on beauty, fashion, travel, food and so much more. For LolaLiza, Hanne gives 3 tips & tricks for a hygge-licious fall.
Hanne shows how she experiences ‘hygge’ and how she creates moments of coziness. All of that in the perfect LolaLiza outfit, of course ;)

3 tips & tricks

tips 1

How do I make
my living room ‘hygge’ proof?
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tips 2

How do you make
way for a ‘hygge’ moment after your workday?
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tips 3

How do you make
the perfect ‘hygge’
instagram picture?
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