about us

LolaLiza is a 100% Belgian brand that aims to make women shine by boosting their self-confidence with unique collections.
Our mission? To give every woman the chance to show her personality in her outfit and to feel confident about who she is.

100% Belgian, 100% for you

LolaLiza is Belgian, affordable and trendy fashion for women. In our Brussels office, we work every day to create stylish collections that respond to the trends of the moment and while meeting the specific demand of the Belgian market. LolaLiza is known for creating colourful and bold clothes for different styles and - with collections ranging from size 34 to 50 - different body types. We believe your clothes reflect your personality, and want to boost women's self-confidence through our unique and feminine collections. Every woman is beautiful, and deserves to feel that way. At LolaLiza, our customers can therefore always count on a great selection and hyper-personal service - with a smile.

Our core values

LolaLiza's own personality? Our clear vision and characteristics guide us every day in our mission: to empower women in who they are.


We put a portion of joy and happiness into every garment. Shopping at LolaLiza is doing yourself a favour, because our collections put a smile on every woman's face.


The clothes make the man. And even more the woman! Expressing yourself and boosting your self-confidence, what better way to do that than with your outfit? At LolaLiza you will find something for everyone.


Trendy clothes that you can wear with pride on any occasion. We make women shine, inside and out.


At LolaLiza, every woman can find what she likes. Affordable and stylish collections that fit into any wardrobe.


Our staff and online platforms support all women, whatever their size or style, so they can express themselves through what they wear.


We stay true to ourselves, to our moral principles and we value openness. What you see is what you get! We bring out the best in you so you can shine like never before.


Did you know that all our collections are made by our own LolaLiza designers? Our designers make every piece of clothing "in house", at our headquarters in the heart of Brussels. There, they use their creativity and expertise non-stop to develop new collections. We always design our clothes while keeping an eye on trends: lots of colour, bold prints, and of course our top product: dresses. Our designers combine international and Belgian trends and are always on the ball. Our collections are updated weekly. So we are always up-to-date and our fashion is comfortable, feminine and stylish.

Business ethics

Respect for our planet and for our employees is very important to us. At LolaLiza, we are therefore convinced that sustainable and socially responsible fashion is the way to go.

dress like you

Our tagline? Dress like YOU. Our main goal is for you to feel confident enough to wear what you want. Fashion gives you the chance to be yourself and show your personality. That is exactly what we want to do for you with our clothes. LolaLiza is your partner in crime to show the best of yourself at every moment of your life! DRESS like you? That is of course a nod to our favorite garment: the dress. Short, long, elegant or cool: for us, the dress is almost as versatile as a woman. So what are you waiting for? Show the beautiful, confident woman inside you!