The LolaLiza gift card is a unique present that will definitely make the receiver happy! Personalize the gift card on this page and add it to your shopping cart.


Gift card - H118 - 1088653
Gift card - H118 - 1088653
  • Gift card - H118 - 1088653
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Gift Card

You can purchase a physical gift card online for the person of your choice by simply adding your customized gift card to your basket on this page. The gift card will be sent to you with the other items you have purchased. Physical gift cards can also be purchased in our stores.

You can use multiple gift cards to pay for one order or you can offer the gift card to your friends, as longs as you use them within the given year.

Gift cards are valid for 2 years after the emission date and can be used for all purchases in all our LolaLiza stores and also online on For more information visit our FAQ.