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Dress your silhouet

Are you looking for a dress that suits you perfectly? That’s very simple thanks to this styling guide! With the help of five women, each with a different body shape, LolaLiza helps you find the right dress to make your figure shine.

Read on and find out what type you are and which dresses are the ideal match for you!

Discover your body shape


If you are like me, Xena, then you can praise yourself with harmonious curves. Your shoulders are aligned with your hips, and you have a defined waist. This body shape is also called the hourglass figure. Discover with me which dresses highlight your figure!


Hi, I'm Alice! My body shape can be described as pyramid-shaped. My shoulders are clearly narrower than my hips. Are you like me? Then the size of your tops is often smaller than the size of your trousers. With your feminine silhouette you have a lot of choice in dresses that will emphasize your waistline!


My name is Ophelie! I have a round silhouette with feminine curves around the hips, arms and stomach. My body shape is very similar to that of Alice, Helena and Xena. Explore to see which dresses look great on us!


Do you have a fairly straight figure, where shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width? Then you are like me, Helena! Good news for you, a lot of dresses will give you a slim appearance! Let's discover together which dresses would suit you best!


I'm Valerie! I have a somewhat athletic silhouette. Do you have the same body shape? Then your shoulders are a bit wider than your hips. The size of your tops is often larger than that of your trousers. Fortunately, many dresses will look good on you. Find out your best picks with me!

Find your perfect match


This dress shape is close fitting, and that’s precisely why it is a winner for Alice or Xena types! The bodycon emphasizes your natural curves and refines your silhouette. With this fit you will shine in all elegance!

For shape:

bodycone X shape bodycone A shape

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Flared-shaped, this type of dress fits perfectly for every woman. Whether you have wider hips or few curves, flowing dresses conceal the body and create an amazing silhouette at the same time. Are you an Alice? Then your figure will look even better if you opt for an A-line dress without a belt on the waist. You can't do anything wrong with A-line dresses!

For shape:

A-line X shape A-line A shape A-line V shape A-line H shape A-line O shape

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Straight fit

Straight dresses, meaning they do not fit closely, are suitable for all body shapes for the reason that the dress hangs loosely around the body. A dress with a straight fit emphasizes the right parts of the body, while concealing any possible insecurities. Perfect for every woman!

For shape:

straight dress X shape straight dress A shape straight dress H shape straight dress O shape

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This dress type is ideal for women such as Xena, Alice and Valerie because it is fitted at the top and flares at the bottom. The shape accentuates your waistline and at the same time hides any possible insecurities due to the loose hem. Ready to show off an elegant waist?

For shape:

fit and flare shape X shape fit and flare shape A shape fit and flare shape v shape

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Are you a Xena, an Alice, an Ophelie? Or rather a Valerie or a Helena? It doesn't matter with a maxi dress! Each body shape is done justice with this fit. It emphasizes the feminine curves, accentuates the waist and forms a refined silhouette. Maxi dresses also visually lengthen the body. Experience it yourself!

For shape:

maxi dress X shape maxi dress A shape maxi dress V shape maxi dress H shape maxi dress O shape

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