• • E-reservation is a free service that allows you to reserve up to three items from our e-shop in the store of your choice.
  • • If the products are available, you will receive a confirmation from the store by text or e-mail within two hours.
  • • When you get to the store you can try on the items and decide whether or not you want to buy them – purchase and payment take place in-store. Your items will be put aside for you for two days from the time you made your e-reservation.
  • • This service is not available during the first two weeks of the sales.

You will be informed of the current price in-store when you make your reservation, along with details of the dates for which any special offers apply. Promo codes and offers available exclusively online will not be applicable and cannot be used when paying in-store.

Yes, if you change your mind you can cancel your reservation via the e-mail that you will have received.

As with any purchase made in-store, exchanges and returns of items purchased via e-reservation can only be processed in-store.