LolaLiza Love Loyalty Programme

There are 3 different ways:

  • 1) Go to a LolaLiza boutique and sign up for membership at the cash desk.
    You choose whether you want to use the LolaLiza app or a physical loyalty card.
  • 2) Go online via the following link
    We will link a digital card to your account. You can use this digital card by downloading the app and logging in with the same email address.
  • 3) Download the app and create an account at:

Here at LolaLiza we love all women, because each and one of them is unique. That is why our loyal customers are pampered with a varied loyalty program, tailored to each and every person!

  • MEMBER-ONLY ACTIONS & promotions
    Special LolaLiza Love actions and / or promotions that are only valid for members.
    Be the first to be informed of our major promotions and events.
  • FREE DELIVERY to your home address
    All your online orders are delivered completely free at home.
    Your birthday will be even more fun!
    Invitations for VIP fashion events.

When you make a purchase in a LolaLiza boutique, simply show your customer card at the cash register.
Forgot your card? Provide your email address to the shop assistant. Your LolaLiza purchase will immediately be processed and linked to your customer card. This way, every purchase contributes to your LolaLiza Love account.

When you place an order in the online shop, the details of your order will automatically be registered into your account.

TIP: In our app, you always have a clear overview of your LolaLiza shop credits!

Both online and via the app. Log in and go to 'My LolaLiza Love Love advantages.

The validity period depends on the action. For example, LolaLiza Love shop credit is valid for 6 months starting the date of creation.

Give your email address at the cash desk and tell the sales assistant that you are a member.
Our sales assistant(s) will usually ask you this themselves!

For online purchases, it is best to create an account using the email address that is linked to your loyalty card.
This makes it easier to use your LolaLiza Love advantages.
It also means that you don't have to save any emails anymore.

Yes, you can!

Go to your nearest LolaLiza boutique and request a physical loyalty card.
Have your app scanned so that our sales assistants can create a new card for you.

Currently, you can't change this yourself.
Send an email to, including both your old and new email address.

Have a new card created at your nearest LolaLiza boutique.

Send an email to