Women of LolaLiza Florence Blaimont Women of LolaLiza Florence Blaimont

Florence is the driving force behind the WoWo Community, which helps women develop on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

Women of LolaLiza liesbeth dillen Women of LolaLiza liesbeth dillen

What does the community do?

'In addition to coaching sessions, we organise major events with dynamic women who serve as role models. These women aren't afraid to push past their boundaries to become the best version of themselves. We call this the WoWo Academy.'

So they’re inspirational?

'That's right. They show women how to harness their inner strength and how to explore their talents. It's nice to be reminded of this sometimes. I see it in my own day-to-day life; I don't feel strong every day. The days I receive bad news or mean or threatening messages from unsatisfied clients are hard. They sometimes make me think about giving up.'

How do you break that negative cycle?

'By never giving up and by realising that my vulnerability is also my strength. There's no reason we can't be strong and fragile at the same time. I liken it to the wings of a bird: you need both to fly. Sometimes you have to embrace the uncomfortable to find your inner strength.'

Is change on the horizon for women?

'I sincerely hope so and I'll never give up. I can't wait to see women have total freedom to achieve anything they put their minds to, without limitation. Together we stand stronger!'

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